Business Trends – Start Ups

We love helping start ups with cost-effective analytics that take their strategy and processes to the next level. We can take your data and draw out critical information to help you move forward. Recently, we worked with a consumer products start up to analyze their product data and provide quality improving metrics that supported continued VC funding. We can take any data of any size, structure, or complexity and provide answers to your questions about how your company and products or services are working. We can also develop uses for your data and answers to questions you didn’t know could be provided from your own data.


Health Economics – Business and Claims Analysis

Healthcare organizations operate within complex market dynamics and use extremely complex data. We have extensive experience working with provider/hospital claims databases and well as health insurance claims databases. We’ve worked with insurers to analyze business trends across different hospital providers to identify opportunities for efficiencies. Our analyses of market payment rates have helped with provider-payer contract negotiations. We also have an expertise with hospital annual financial and utilization data and have been identified by the state of California’s regulatory agency as a “key informant” of the hospital and encounter data providing insights into uses of the agency’s data.


Campaigns and Public Policy

Trained in economic analysis, we can estimate the impact of select policy proposals and compare that to alternatives. We can analyze constituent and population data to identify trends and key insights. With experience including working for a Washington-D.C.-based think tank as well as the United States Senate, we are experienced with accurate and insightful analytics used to answer critical questions. We are agile and able to pivot quickly to answer new analytical questions as priorities shift.


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